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Organisation Zoo

Zoo Duisburg cares for the animals entrusted to it with great passion and dedication and provides an important place of learning and a space for recreation. As a non-profit medium-sized enterprise, the zoo has an important economic significance and a cross-regional influence far beyond the city area. Zoo Duisburg, with a tradition of over 80 years, consists of over 100 employees who are passionate about the welfare of over 9,000 animals.

Since 2019, Zoo Duisburg has been a non-profit company and part of the Duisburger Verkehrs- und Versorgungsgesellschaft.

The management

Future development, strategic orientation and keeping the welfare of the animals in mind all form part of the job of the zoo management. Zoo Director Astrid Stewin plays a leading role in this. She is in constant contact with her department heads in the areas of zoology, technology, customer and project management, and the zoo's animal care staff. The goal is to make the zoo more attractive and more beautiful for animals and people. The focus is also on the future concept. Learn more about our master plan here.


The team behind

our animals

The animal keepers are the largest professional group in our zoo and belong to the zoological department. Some of our keepers work in fixed areas or are deployed in different areas as stand-ins, especially directly after their training. Their daily tasks are extensive. Cleaning enclosures, preparing food, creating animal enrichment opportunities and setting up enclosures are all part of their daily programme. The animal keepers are coordinated by our curators. The biologists are mainly responsible for the planning of the animal population, the conservation breeding programmes, transporting animals and the coordination of the species conservation programmes.

In addition to the animal keepers, two veterinarians specialising in wild and zoo animals tend to our animals on a full-time basis. Most of the treatment of the animals takes place in the enclosures, smaller zoo animals are treated in the zoo's own veterinary practice. For more difficult cases or complicated treatments, the zoo works together with specialists from zoos all over the world as well as with the local veterinary clinics at Kaiserberg and Asterlagen.



In addition to the zoological department, there are many other professional groups at the zoo. The technical department which ranges from building engineers to master electricians to carpenters, takes care of all technical matters at the zoo, both in maintenance and in the planning of new facilities. Similarly, a permanent team of gardeners constantly looks after the large number of green areas and flower beds.

In the administration building directly at the main entrance, the staff of both the ticket office and the Central Visitor Service are there to help you in all respects. The team for event organisation and zoo education will help you organise events and answer questions about zoo education.

Controlling, public relations and marketing are also important areas in the organisation of the zoo.