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Working at the zoo

Duisburg Zoo is home to over 4,700 animals of more than 360 different species, right on the edge of Duisburg's extensive forest. Our constant effort is to create a spacious, animal-friendly and natural environment for the animals. Our visitors can experience nature in an exciting and eventful way as well as a great variety of species. In this "animal environment", we employ around 100 staff in different areas. We offer our staff interesting, varied and future-oriented tasks, a good working atmosphere and a performance-related pay scale.

Currently no positions available.


Apprenticeship training as

Zoo-specialised animal keeper

The occupation of zoo keeper is a state-recognised training vocation programme that requires a three-year training period with practical and theoretical examinations.

Zoo animal keepers receive their training within a scientifically managed zoo, with education principles and content ranging from general biology to the keeping, care and breeding of all known zoo animal species.

Usually, trainees spend up to three months in one specific area (in a so-called zoo working zone) before being assigned to other areas relevant to their training. Parallel to this, theoretical instruction takes place at a state vocational school. The apprenticeship is completed with a practical and theoretical examination.

If you are taken on as a permanent employee after your training, you will first be appointed as a "substitute" and will be deployed in the various areas as needed, after which you can apply internally for a permanent area if there is a vacancy. There is no specialised training in a zoo, for example exclusively as a dolphin keeper.

The profession of animal keeper continues to be extremely popular. The Duisburg Zoo receives almost 1,000 applications per year with only two training positions to be filled each year. Every year, Duisburg Zoo trains two apprentices to become zoo keepers (m/f/d). Applications for the following year are accepted from 01.08. to 30.09. at

Currently we are not able to offer any internships at all, whether they be student internships, one-day internships nor career exploration days.