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Zoo Duisburg

Uniquely Wild.

The world of animals is exciting, wild, colourful and full of adventure! Come with us on a journey of discovery and experience an unforgettable day.

Around 9,000 animals of more than 400 species have their home with us between the big city and the Rhine. Ill-reputed Tasmanian devils, cute koalas, laid-back wombats and frisky dolphins are found nowhere else in zoos in North Rhine Westphalia. Your day with us will be exceptional! Ring-tailed, black and ruffed lemurs run around free on our Lemur Island and in the tropical Rio Negro Tropical House you can get a really close look at the animals and immerse yourself in the fascinating wildlife of the Amazon. Or do you prefer things to be BIG? Not only South-American spectacled bears and Siberian tigers can be viewed in naturally landscaped enclosures, but also our gorillas, elephants and giraffes all contribute to making your visit a unique experience