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Welcome to Zoo Duisburg

Australian animals

in the middle of the Ruhr area

The main focus of Duisburg Zoo is on keeping Australian animals. In no other German zoo can you discover more species of kangaroos than here near the Rhine. In addition to the better-known species such as the swamp wallaby, you will also come across smaller species such as the brush-tailed bettong. The absolute highlight of the Australia facilities is, of course, our koalas. More than 30 young have seen the light of day in the last 25 years. For this reason, Duisburg Zoo is also considered a centre of excellence and is responsible for the European conservation breeding programme. The Australian animal population is further boosted by the popular wombats, the Tasmanian devils, the short-beaked echidnas and our emus.


Our bottlenose dolphins

- ambassadors for their species

In the dolphinarium, as ambassadors for their species, the Duisburg Zoo dolphin school bids you welcome. The nine bottlenose dolphins are there to draw attention to the threat to their fellow species in the wild. During the public training session, you will learn a lot of interesting information about keeping dolphins, their peculiarities and the dangers and adversities their relatives have to face in the wild. Watch them through the large underwater viewing windows and be amazed by the graceful antics of the swimmers in Duisburg's multi-pool system. But be careful – you could get very wet! You can also find more information about our dolphinarium here.


Endangered species

from Madagascar

Beautiful animals, but with a frightening future. Directly behind the main entrance, the walk-through lemur island awaits you. Ring-tailed and black and white ruffed lemurs walk freely among the visitors. Both lemur species are threatened with extinction in their Madagascan homeland. Continue on behind the enclosure past the lake to the fossa enclosure. These unique, cat-like carnivores climb agilely over the outdoor enclosures. But it's not only on land that you can discover Madagascan wildlife, - in the aquarium you will find one of the most endangered fish in the world - the Mangarahara cichlid.


A piece of the tropics

in the middle of the Ruhr area

Dive into the world of the Amazon and get up close to the underwater world of the Rio Negro on the large panorama viewing windows. Above your heads, golden lion tamarins and red-bellied titis spring through the trees, while tamanduas and sloths move around more leisurely. Various bird species such as the unique sun bittern and Montserrat orioles fly through the vegetation, and even the cute pacas come curiously up to the window. A brand new attraction is the GEBAG-sponsored ant colony that has been here since 2021. Here you can gain an insight into a complete city of industrious leafcutter ants.


The house of the

thousand fish

The aquarium is the oldest building in Duisburg Zoo and surprises with its diverse animal population. Various themed tanks - from the rivers of the Amazon to tropical ocean waters - bring you closer to underwater diversity. Not only countless fish, but anemones, seahorses and starfish await you. Fried egg jellyfish drift gracefully in the current in their rotary jellyfish tank, and our octopus Theo cannot be overlooked as the focal point of the room. Take your time and enjoy the tranquil atmosphere created by the various aquariums. Had enough peace and quiet? At the aquarium’s exit, our South American giant otters will quickly bring you back to the hustle and bustle of the outside world.


On safari in the

urban jungle

Nearby the entrance you will meet our elephants: the cows Daisy, Etosha and Saiwa are just waiting for your visit. Around the Africa Lodge you will discover further african animals like red river hogs and Ankole-Watussi cattle with their huge horns as well as a herd of zebras. If you prefer smaller animals,  zebra mongooses and, of course, the meerkats, which are popular with everyone, can be visited.


Great cats

from all continents

It's roaring in the zoo - who could that be? Six species of predatory cats are at home in Zoo Duisburg. First and foremost, of course, are the two big cat species - African lions and Siberian tigers. Observe these graceful animals at close quarters. But European wild cats and lynxes are also waiting to be discovered in the Kaiserberg enclosures, as are our pair of fish cats in the big cat house and our clouded leopards directly opposite the spectacled bear enclosure.


Do you know the

our eared seals?

There is a lot going on in the sea lion pool! Bull Atze and his two ladies Mandy and Gina have a lot to do to keep an eye on the young ones Ally (2017), Wilson and Zilli (both 2021). During the daily feedings, you can learn all kinds of interesting facts about these friendly marine mammals. And if that wasn't enough swimmers for you, there's our colony of african penguins right next door.


Cross the motorway

and change continents

You find yourself back in the middle kingdom of Asia and China. Not only our Red pandas Louisa and Jang have their original range in the Himalayas. Our Chinese muntjacs also come from this geographical neighbourhood. From the South American animal world, we also encountert southern white-lipped peccaries as well as wooly vicuñas, rheas and maras. But the large bongos are also not to be missed here. In the midst of this animal diversity, you will find peace and quiet in the Chinese Garden - a gift from the Chinese city of Wuhan to the city of Duisburg.


More than just monkeys

in the Equatorium

The gorilla family centred around silverback Mapema sits just a hand's breadth away from our visitors while our Bornean orangutans live on the other side of the building. But not only the great apes can be discovered in the Equatorium, Roloway monkeys, putty-nosed guenons, pygmy marmosets and lion-tailed macaques also await you. Besides our apes and monkeys, there is a lot more to discover here. Directly in the entrance area, you can observe the pygmy hippos bathing. And also in the Asian aviary, every bird seems more beautiful and more colourful than the next. On top of all that, have you already discovered the various reptiles and our tree shrews housed there?


A touch of China

in Duisburg

The Chinese Garden in Zoo Duisburg is an oasis of calm that invites you to stroll and linger. It is an equally important and popular symbol of the partnership of the cities of Duisburg and Wuhan, also known as the Yingqu Garden. The garden was created in 1988 as a gift from Wuhan to the city of Duisburg by master gardeners from Wuhan. All components and materials of the Chinese Garden were traditionally made in China and offer an authentic insight into the culture of the partner city. On the occasion of the 2022 anniversary, the city of Duisburg has now extensively renovated the Chinese Garden, with the necessary building materials and some new sculptures once again coming as gifts from the partner city Wuhan.

Many interesting facts about the Chinese Garden can be found in the audio guide of the Confucius-Institute Metropole Ruhr.