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Adventure attractions for children

Children are the nature conservationists of tomorrow! That is why it is important to us as a zoo to bring them closer to the fascinating and diverse world of animals.

Duisburg Zoo offers a wide range of activities for children to get to know the animal world in an exciting way. By celebrating a child's birthday with us, by going on a night safari, by attending the zoo school or by taking part in the many other children's activities, the eyes of young animal lovers will light up.

There is also plenty of space to let off steam, - various playgrounds invite you to climb like a monkey or dig like a meerkat - and have lots of fun, too!

We would be happy to plan your very own personal zoo experience together with you. Our colleagues look forward to your personal visit to our Central Visitor Service every day between 10.00 am and 4.00 pm and will be happy to advise you on all aspects of our wide range of activities. During this time, you can also reach us by phone on 0203-604 44251 or by email at

Adventure tours for birthday children

Book our zoo tour for children as part of your birthday celebration! Accompanied by our zoo guides, the children will experience an exciting journey through the zoo.


  • The exciting zoo tour lasts 2 hours
  • Each participating child receives a small gift
  • The birthday child receives free admission and a gift
  • The event can be booked all year round
  • Recommended age: 6-12 years

Please note that a visit to the dolphinarium and the feeding of our zoo animals is unfortunately not possible at the moment. The programme will be arranged individually according to the wishes of the guests, and offers lasting memories for young and old. At present, participation is only possible in compliance with the 2G regulation.


max. 12 children, plus admission
(the birthday child receives free admission)

90,00 €


Night Adventure for birthday children

This is a very different kind of children's birthday party! Take your little ones' birthday party on an evening discovery tour through the deserted zoo. Our expert zoo guides will show you a whole new side to the zoo. Learn which animals only become really active in the evening and which animals you’d be better to leave sleeping! Torches can be brought along, but are not necessary.


  • The adventurous tour lasts 2 hours
  • Latest start time is 7.30 pm
  • Recommended age: 8-12 years

max. 12 children, per child:

27,00 €

Adult accompanying person:
(with 10 participants, at least 2 accompanying persons required)

33,00 €

Night safari

We invite you to an individual evening walk through the Duisburg Zoo, where you can observe the animals outside normal opening hours. During the evening tour you will learn all kinds of educational and fun facts about zoo life. Special dates are offered for families with children


  • The night safari lasts approx. 2 hours
  • The next dates can be found here.
  • Registration is compulsory.


33,00 €

Children (up to 17 years):

27,00 €

Please note that cancellations are generally not possible.

Guided tours for children's groups

At Duisburg Zoo, you can not only see, hear and smell live animals, you can also observe them under professional guidance and learn a lot about our animal inhabitants. The children not only learn a lot about the animals, but also hear all kinds of stories from the world of the zoo.


  • The tour lasts approx. 1.5 hours 
  • max. 25 persons
  • Please book early and call 0203 / 604-44251
    (Monday - Sunday 10-15.30 hrs)


plus admission:

85,00 €

incl. the feeding of a favorite animal
(unfortunately not bookable at the moment)

115,00 €

Zoo Camp

During the holidays we will start to an amazing expedition. The Zoo camp focuses on the topics of "animal observation", "species conservation" and "animal nutrition". Special feedings of the zoo inhabitants are also offered. Of course, fun is not neglected, - visits to the playground and handicraft activities are also part of the programme.

Upcoming events

• 03. - 06.04.2023 (Altersgruppe 6 - 9 Jahre)

• 11. - 14.04.2023 (Altersgruppe 10 - 12 Jahre)