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Adventures for adults

Interested adults are heartily invited to get to know the zoo a little more intensively. Our portfolio includes events that are ideal as a company event, part of a family celebration or an unusual gift for an animal lover.

We would be happy to plan a personal visit to the zoo with you, whether for the next family celebration, as a surprise gift or a company outing. Our colleagues look forward to your personal visit to our Central Visitor Service every day between 10.00 am and 4.00 pm and will be happy to advise you on all aspects of our wide range of offers. During this time, you can also reach us by telephone on 0203-604 44251 or by e-mail at

Individual guided tours

Everything you always wanted to know about animals... but didn't dare to ask, - such as why flamingos stand on one leg or the weight an elephant can attain. You can find out all this and much more about the animal world on our guided tours of the zoo. Not only do you get to see, hear and smell live animals, you can also observe them under professional guidance and learn a lot about our inhabitants.


  • The tour lasts approx. 1.5 hours
  • max. 25 persons

plus admission

80,00 €

incl. feeding of a favorite animal
(unfortunately not bookable at present)

110,00 €


Night safari

We invite you to an individual evening walk through the Duisburg Zoo, where you can observe the animals outside normal opening hours. During the evening tour you will learn all kinds of educational and fun facts about zoo life. Special dates are offered for families with children


  • The night safari lasts approx. 2 hours
  • The next dates can be found here.
  • Registration is compulsory.


30,00 €

Children (up to 17 years):

25,00 €

Please note that cancellations are generally not possible.

Morning Safari

How do the keepers start the day, which animals are up early, and who is one of the late risers? On the guided tour "Morning Safari" you can visit Duisburg Zoo before regular opening hours.


  • The tour starts at 7.30 a.m. and lasts about 1.5 hours.
  • You can view the next dates here.
  • The subsequent admission to the zoo is not included in the tour price.
  • Registration is compulsory.




24,00 €

Children (up to 17 years):

18,00 €

Please note that cancellations are generally not possible.

'Zoo keeper for half a day'

Who wouldn't like to take a look behind the scenes of a zoo, experience the animals up close and also care for and look after them? At Duisburg Zoo you can assume the role of an animal keeper for half a day. Anyone who has reached the age of 18, is in good physical condition, has health insurance and, above all, is an animal lover, can work for half a day in their favourite area under the guidance of the qualified zoo keepers and use a shovel and broom or pitchfork and wheelbarrow.

Please note:This is not an offer to pet and stroke the animals. It always refers to all animals in the work section, not to individual species.

On the day of the event, after a briefing on the safety details, animal care work can begin within the designated work area, e.g. locking out the animals, cleaning the enclosures and preparing the food. The head keeper and the other animal keepers actively support the half-day keepers. 

You can choose betwenn the following sections:

  • Africa (u.a. Zebras, Ancole cattle, Mercats und Wolverine)
  • Aquaristical and tropical building Rio Negro 
  • Bongos (u.a. Bongo, White-lipped pekaris , Siberian Tigers)
  • Dolphinarium 
  • Elephants, Giraffes and Vari-Island
  • Australia (u.a. Koalas, Kangaroo, Common Wombats, Giant anteater, Lowland tapir)
  • Carnivores (u.a. Camels, Lynx, Lions, Fosa)
  • Seals (u.a. Sea lions, Penguins, Wolves, Petting zoo)


  • Individual dates are possible from Tuesday to Friday ( except during the summer holidays )
  • The zoo keepers for half a day lasts from 8.15 to 12.00 A.M., afterwards you can visit the zoo
  • As the participation is limited, an early application is required. You can book your participation from the beginning of November for the following year.

incl. zoo entrance

from 01/01/2023

260,00 €

290,00 €


Stag/Hen Party

Are you responsible for organising a stag party and would like to give the bride or groom an unforgettable, shared experience without the usual embarrassments before she or he ties the knot of marriage? You've come to the right place!

Duisburg Zoo offers an approx. 2.5-hour programme in which our staff reveal funny, bizarre and interesting facts about the love lives of a wide variety of animals. After providing the group with such juicy details, the future bride or groom will of course be put through their paces, - will she or he manage to clean the sheep and goat enclosure in the petting zoo in such a way that it meets the strict requirements of the animal keepers? If successful, a glass of sparkling wine awaits all participants in the event at the end in the Discovery House. The future bride or groom will receive a certificate from the zoo as a memento.


  • The Hen or Stag party must get going at 3.00 P.M (summertime) or 2.00 P.M (wintertime) at the latest.
  • The programme last approximately 2,5 hours
  • max. 12 participants
  • If you want to visit the zoo before/afterwards the programme an additional admission is required.
fpr max. 12 participants330,00 €